Welcome to www.hobbycrankorgan.com, the webpage for the (beginning) crank organ builder.
Although the english pages are still under construction, you can look at the many photos
and images of this site. Links marked with an * are in Dutch.

Because English is not my native language, it is possible that you will find grammatical errors. If you find them, please send the correct text at Hobbycrankorgan and I will correct it as soon as possible.





How works an organ with deairing mechanism

Fellow hobbyists

Little Mary, a 42 note hybrid organ

Photos making a 38 note crank organ

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Cardboard book scanner


Description intonation violin pipe

Who is Walter Höffle


What is MIDI

Photos 20 note Walter Höffle crank organ

Making organ books and rolls

Dutch championship hand crank organ Ede 2011

How to make a simple paper roll (reel)

Other books of Walter Höffle

Plans 20 key Höffle organ

Midiboek10 for Windows

Construction report 20 key Höffle organ

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Hobby demonstration day

Queensday in Zutphen 2009